Nu Premise

Accessible Amenities

All amenity spaces are located in the community building, nucampus. This allows all residents convenient access to all amenities in one building, expanding useable activity space to outdoors and increasing contact with nature.


No stepped curb along the drop-off at the main entry, allowing easy movement for residents and visitors with canes or walkers. Parking areas and sidewalks do not have more than 5% slope in order for seniors to be able to use them without falling or becoming too tired from steep inclines.

Lighting and Acoustics

Seniors are sensitive to glare in corridors, activity and dinning spaces, Careful location solar orientation and sun shading is taken into account to reduce glare and enhance residents ability to clearly see their environment.

Scale and Sense of Security

Dimensions of outdoor spaces are scaled to both active and passive recreation, whether walking or gardening and benches are provided along walking paths for residents to rest at reasonable intervals. Trellises, canopies and covered porches in outdoor courtyards allow residents to enjoy being outdoors without feeling exposed or unprotected from wind, sun and rain.

Dining Venues

Dining Venues are well designed with furniture that supports aging adults and larger space between tables to allow residents with canes, walkers or wheelchairs to move comfortably. Based on the age and dietary restrictions, a dietician is engaged to ensure that meals are prepared in a healthy way using the fresh and best ingredients.

Living with Knowledge

Libraries and computer center with internet connectivity is provided with comfortable seating for reading, research or to connect with family and friends. In addition TV and media rooms are provided for entertainment and engagement in discussions and debates on important events.


Members are provided with housekeeping and laundry services along with optional 3-meals plans.

Cars and Parking

Independent seniors usually bring a car along hence once dedicated parking space per residential unit is provided. Nulife routinely provides a shuttle van or town car to bring residents to shopping areas, medical appointments or cultural events.